Books in English I currently find useful for my study of graphic design

Twitter user @Eugene_Euggy asked

Good morning fellow designers, could you drop me a link to design books and articles that were helpful to you. Starting my day by reading design books

And I promised to answer with my own, short list of books I keep referencing back to during my daily studies. I also read other books related to graphic design, but since they’re in German, by German authors, I have omitted them from my list, for ease of use.

  • Lidwell, Holden, Butler, Universal Principles of Design, Rockport 2003
  • Arnheim, Art and Visual Perception, University of California Press, 2004
  • Danto’s loose trilogy (his expression, not mine) on the philosophy of art, consisting of The Transfiguration of the Commonplace, After the End of Art, and The Abuse of Beauty.

This list is a work in progress, and as such will be expanded as I progress through my study. Hi Eugene, I hope you will find these books as helpful as I do.

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